Pioneer Chicks, Squats & Mantra


Are you constantly running around like a headless chicken trying to fit in 101 different tasks? We have put together some time saving tasks that will help speed thing along and get you back on track…. Have a regular place for things and put them back when you’re done with them: For example, your keys,… Continue reading TIME SAVING SYSTEMS THAT WORK IN DAILY LIFE

Pioneer Chicks

Work Space Goals

Your Work Space: The place where you spend most of your life, it contributes to shaping who you are and how you behave on a day to day basis. It needs to allow you to be creative, organised and work efficiently. Here are our top tips on optimising your work space: Green Plants Studies have… Continue reading Work Space Goals

Pioneer Chicks

Beat Procrastination in 9 Simple Steps

Feeling uninspired and lacking motivation...onto the 3rd Netflix episode in a row? Follow these simple 9 steps to getting motivated and we'll soon have you back on track! Start afresh - telling yourself that you're starting afresh will give you a new boost of energy, new ideas and improves motivation Recap your goals and your… Continue reading Beat Procrastination in 9 Simple Steps