What is Pioneer Chicks?

Founded by Melanie Fielden, Pioneer Chicks is a support network for women, providing everything you need to build a successful life based on your beliefs & passion.

We have an online shop providing everything to equip the busy woman, from journals and planners, to bags, handbag organisers and motivational prints. To see our range click here.

In 2018 we introduced the Local Meet Sessions. These are where small groups of women meet monthly to help each other develop their businesses/start their new business and smash personal goals. Two topics are discussed in detail at each meet, as chosen by our guests, and we rotate each month to ensure everybody gets to choose a topic. For further details and to find your closest Local Meet Session, click here.

Pioneer Chicks also has a blog where we aim to provide inspiration, advice, motivation and resources for all women in business and for personal development.

Who is Pioneer Chicks for?

Whether you’re:

  • starting your own business
  • developing an existing business further
  • a mother wanting to start a business or with an already established business
  • working your way up the career ladder
  • starting out with some new fitness goals or other personal goals

the Pioneer Chicks team and our followers have got your back.  We believe us women should stick together and with power in numbers, well, who says the sky should be the limit!

How can I get involved?

  • Join us at one of our Local Meet Sessions (your first session is free!) for some help with your business and personal goals and to network with like-minded women in your region.
  • Want some free advertising for your business? We have the following options for collaborations:
    • You can write a guest blog post for the Pioneer Chicks blog
    • We can record an interview with you
    • Workshops – we’re happy to run a workshop together with other local businesses
    • Speakers – we’re always on the lookout for our next guest speaker

Email us on info@pioneerchicks.com if you’re interested in any of the above.

Now a little about me, Melanie (Mel) Fielden:

mel hollywood resized more starsHaving worked in a small family run business for the past 15 years selling microscopes, I’ve covered all areas of running a business, with 10 years in sales and marketing, and 5 years as a Company Director handling the day-to-day running/operations.  This has given me an insight into the challenges that business owners face, along with a platform to think up and find solutions.

Following in my father’s footsteps, my brain ticks away churning out new business ideas by what feels like the second. Finding the relevant information that  I need to turn these ideas into reality has proven to be a challenge!  That’s what made me decide to take action and put the information, that I’ve spent years finding, into one location and to share it with other women in similar situations.  Hence the birth of Pioneer Chicks.

Of course it’s not just my knowledge that I hope to share, I look forward to meeting new, exciting people along the journey, that also want to share their stories and knowledge with Pioneer Chicks.

So lets have fun, stick together, go forth and prosper! Let the journey commence….