Founded by Melanie Fielden, Pioneer Chicks is a support network for women, providing everything you need to build a successful life based on your beliefs & passion.

We aim to provide inspiration, advice, motivation, training, products, resources, contacts, plus a global network of knowledgeable and resourceful individuals, for all women in business and for personal development.  Whether you’re starting your own business, developing an existing business further, working your way up the career ladder, starting out with some new fitness goals or other personal goals, the Pioneer Chicks team and our followers have got your back.  We believe us women should stick together and with power in numbers, well, who says the sky should be the limit!

mel hollywood resized more starsNow a little about the Founder, me, Melanie (Mel) Fielden.  The best description I can think of is that I’m some kind of serial idea generator and, as my friends and family may say, a little bit bonkers!  Quite literally, my brain ticks away churning out new business ideas by what feels like the second. Finding the relevant information that  I need to turn these ideas into reality has been a massive bane of my life….it’s so damn difficult to find!  That’s what made me decide to take action and put the information, that I’ve spent years finding, into one location and share it with other women in similar situations.  Hence forth the birth of Pioneer Chicks.  Of course it’s not just my knowledge that I hope to share, I look forward to meeting new, exciting, (perhaps some equally as bonkers) people along the journey, that also want to share their stories and knowledge with our Pioneer Chicks.

So lets have fun, stick together, go forth and prosper! Let the journey commence….