Blogging, SEO and the most effective marketing strategy of 2020 for this month’s guest.

Introducing Marketing Consultant, Lifestyle Journalist & Founder of Bloom Content Creation, Georgia Watson.

Georgia discusses with us why having a blog is so important for small businesses, her best performing marketing strategy of 2020 so far and a quick tip for anyone starting (or thinking of starting) a blog.

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With a background in journalism, having trained in journalism at university and become an editor for a local magazine, Georgia Watson decided in 2018 to take the leap and start her own business, Bloom Content Creation, as a natural follow-on from her popular blog, See Suffolk.

In this episode of Sparkle With Mel, Georgia shares with Pioneer Chicks her tips on blogging, along with her best performing marketing strategy of 2020.

When did you start Bloom Content Creation and what was your motivation behind starting this business?

Bloom started just over two years ago now (2018) and it all came through the blog.  I had my blog See Suffolk that was taking off, and that led me to quitting my job as a magazine editor, to really focus on this.  But at the same time, small businesses were asking me how they could blog on their own website, how they could run their social media and all those digital marketing aspects.  So I saw a gap in the market for content creation for small businesses and decided to create Bloom Content Creation alongside my blog, to offer those services for people in Suffolk.

What has been your most effective marketing strategy of 2020 so far?

My marketing strategy in general has been mainly through social media.  I had a really big following with the blog on social media to begin with, so I kind of carried that on, especially with not being able to get out and about as much this year. Instagram has mainly been my marketing strategy, but also during lockdown I’ve joined a lot of members’ clubs and networking groups like Pioneer Chicks!  That’s been a really great way to meet people and still connect almost face-to-face (digitally). It’s been great to meet people and get to know them, and I think that kind of combination of having social media and still a bit of ‘real’ interaction has really worked well this year.

Part of what you offer in your services is blog writing. Why would you say that having a blog is so important for small business owners?

So many reasons!  I’ll only do a few, otherwise I’ll bore you to tears!

One of the main ones is search engine optimisation (SEO).  So, having a blog really helps with getting up the ranks on Google.  In your blog, if you can intersperse your most important keywords that will really help you to get up the ranks in those search engines, which is really important.

It also establishes you as an expert in whatever field you’re in.  People can read your content and really start to trust and value your knowledge. This means that they will then invest in you as a person and invest in you as a business.

This is just two of the reasons, but there are so many!

What one quick tip would you give to someone starting, or thinking of starting, a blog?

Just get started! I think a lot of people worry about the blank page, which is a lot of people’s fear when they come to me; they have no idea where to start.  I say to people just to write down a few ideas, jot down a few content ideas and then start to flesh those out into some paragraphs.  It doesn’t have to be perfect or your final edit; just getting those notes down on paper will give you a starting point and it will make it a lot less scary. Then you can come back and edit it and implement those blog writing techniques later, but just getting stuff down on paper is a great place to start.

Learn more about what Georgia and the team at Bloom Content Creation have to offer:
Website: https://www.bloomcontentcreation.co.uk/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bloomcontentcreation

Visit Georgia’s blog See Suffolk here: https://www.seesuffolk.com/

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