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8 Steps to Power-Up Your Christmas Marketing & Boost Sales

With Christmas just around the corner we thought it would be a perfect time to get some top tips on how to boost your Christmas Sales.

Meet Catherine Stewart – Digital Marketing expert:

I’m Catherine, a British expat in Hong Kong, mum to three adorable/crazy kids (depends which mood you catch them in!) and drinker of too many lattes. Over the past 8 years that I’ve been working in digital marketing and online media, I’ve received many panicked emails in December from stressed-out small biz owners wondering how the heck to boost their Christmas sales. Don’t let that be you – let’s get prepared for stellar Christmas sales and an easier December.

The Bigger The Circle – The Easier The Sale

Over the next couple of months we need to grow our circle of ‘warm leads’ as much as possible. So we’re using all kinds of marketing to increase the number of people who are interested in your business, following you on social media or email, or who’ve made a purchase from you already. Then when your peak sales time arrives, they’re primed and ready to buy.

Step 1 – Create Your Christmas Offer

Your Christmas offer should be something fresh, eye-catching or unique, with an ‘angle’, for example ‘sustainable, ‘’locally designed’, ‘only available at’. It could be your best-sellers, your newest products, you could create special packages or give some added value items.

Step 2 – Set Your Advertising Budget

All businesses need an advertising budget. Ads could include paid media, Google ads, Facebook ads or all three. If you have a tiny ad budget then stick with Google ads and Facebook ads – done properly these should cover their own costs.

Step 3 – Buy Media (Optional!)

This isn’t a must! But if you’re considering buying sponsored media coverage then September/October is the time to shop around. Building an audience and a brand is hard, getting a media recommendation gives you access to their audience and the recommendation of their brand. Insider tip: engagement is more important than audience size, so don’t be dazzled by big numbers.

Step 4 – Earned Media

Don’t rely on the media to discover your business, tell them about it. Send out your press release in October and follow it up.

  • Have an amazing subject line (use this tool).
  • Use stunning photos.
  • Keep it informal.
  • Make it fresh, quirky, unique, interesting – have an angle

Step 5 – Social Media

Try to build excitement and anticipation, and as Christmas gets closer you will create a sense of urgency to encourage people to buy. For example to create urgency you might run a flash sale, countdown to your last posting dates or highlight your best sellers (hinting that you might sell out). Create your content in batches and schedule it so that in December you can focus on your customers. And avoid just sharing product images – try to think outside the box about what posts your community would find engaging.

Step 6 – Email Marketing

Now’s the time to grow your list and if you’re not already emailing your subscribers at least monthly, start now. During your Christmas peak sales period you’ll email them at least three times, once at the start, once in the middle, and once at the end. Don’t just sell, sell, sell – try to plan some emails that are encouraging, entertaining and informative too.

Step 7 – Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads can 100% be awesome for your business if you can get them right. Your easiest win is warm audiences of people who already know you – so the more marketing you’ve done to grow your circle, the easier it will be to get your ads to convert.

Insider tip: Facebook marketers always split test their ads. I’d encourage you to work in the Facebook Ad Manager and experiment with showing different ad creative to your audience and see which works best.

Step 8 – Personal Network and Collaborations

Ask your personal network to like, comment and share on your social media posts, and ask them to tell their friends about you. Ask your customers to send you referrals and write reviews. Get involved and collaborate with other entrepreneurs targeting a similar audience – collaborations can do amazing things for your marketing.

Have a fantastic Christmas season!

Catherine Stewart

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