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Managing Client Expectations | Pioneer Chicks Weekly FB Live With Mel | Episode 8

Pioneer Chicks Founder Melanie Fielden hosts weekly Facebook Live Shows where she discusses business-related questions that have been raised by small business owners at our Local Meet Sessions. In this episode she covers the topic ‘Managing Client Expectations’.

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⚡️ Find out how to start a new client relationship off on the right foot!

⚡️ To find out how to effectively communicate with your client to manage expectations

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✳️ Mel’s topic notes: ‘Managing Client Expectations’:

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FOLLOWING EVENTS ARE NOW COMPLETE – Next months events will be released on our website soon!!

✳️ Online Meet Session with Nicky Collins (Stowmarket, Suffolk group but open to all) on 28th July, 7pm:

✳️ Online Meet Session with Mel Fielden (Haverhill, Suffolk group but open to all) on 28th July, 7.30pm:

✳️ ‘Setting Yourself Up For Success: Goal Setting For The Small Business Owner’ masterclass featuring guest speaker Natalie King:

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See you next Tuesday at 2pm! Mel 💋

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