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SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS – Goal Setting For The Small Business Owner

Natalie King has been a member of Toastmasters (an international speaking club) for nearly 6 years and found a passion for public speaking, which led to her becoming a Confidence Coach and a Public Speaking Coach and Mentor.

One of the most valuable tools she has learnt and used during the last 6 years is goal setting and how important it is to have goals to work towards. This inspired her to help others and become a qualified goal setting coach.

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Check out our interview below with Natalie King herself, who is sharing some insight into her background and snippets of what the masterclass will cover.

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Natalie, you have been an absolutely amazing confident speaker the whole time I have known you, which is over two years, but you weren’t always that confident, what was it that made you want to work on your confidence and become such a confident public speaker?

Becoming a public speak is something I hadn’t planned on, it was a way that I actually wanted to build my confidence.

I needed to leave my job which was causing me panic attacks, anxiety and it was very stressful, going from one bullying manager to another so I needed to leave and I wanted to start my own business. But, when you start your own business you need to have a little bit of confidence or be able to talk to people and I didn’t talk to people, I was very much a hermit, so it was suggested that I join the speaking club to build my confidence. So I did that to help me with growing my own confidence and the more I grew in confidence I actually started to find that I love public speaking so it was a means to an end. A lot of people recommended that building your confidence by public speaking is a great way of doing it. I had no intentions of becoming a public speaker but it is a happy bonus.

You started as a public speaking coach and more recently decided to focus more on the confidence aspects and also in helping small business owners build visibility in their business and also based around goal setting as well, what was it that made you want to focus on these aspects?

It wasn’t so much that I decided, I think it was that the world conspired, I’m actually a trained confidence coach but finding the love of public speaking I wanted to help small business owners to become better speakers in their own businesses, so I became a public speaking coach and that was going really well – I had started to build that business and then in March we had the virus that stopped the world and stopped everything. My business is very much face to face, with courses and workshops which I really did love and then when everything stopped I then had to think, do I convert that online or what do I do. The way that I was teaching the courses I couldn’t do them justice online so what I then did was sat down and thought ‘what do I love doing’?

I love helping people with confidence, so there comes my confidence coaching.

I love helping people become better speakers and more confident speakers especially in their business.

Plus I picked up a lot of skills over the years that I’ve built my husbands business and my businesses so I have combined the three and mixed them up so the confidence and visibility mentor grew from that.

It’s a way to help small business owners find clarity, find confidence, find visibility to help them to build their business. I actually did a goal setting coach course as well into helping small business owners.

Everything that I have learnt is geared to help small business owners to take the next leap or to grow their business and with that comes the confidence and confidence has such a wide impact that you might grow in confidence in one area and it spreads out across different areas and that’s why I’m passionate about helping people with building their confidence because I know that if we focus on goals, that builds confidence, if we focus on speaking that builds on confidence, if we focus on the visibility that builds the confidence and if we focus on the confidence, that builds the speaking, visibility and the goals, can you see there’s a pattern happening and that is why when the virus hit and there was lock down by business pretty much stopped overnight, what do I do? I didn’t want to wait until things went back to normal and I couldn’t just do the courses justice by being totally online and that’s why the confidence and visibility mentoring grew from there, but it has everything in it so it is a broader scope that I cover which is great.

Do you have any goal setting tips for business owners that are wanting to make their business more visible?

So one of the thing you need to ask is what do you want from your business? What do you do in your business to know how you can be visible? One of the ways to be visible is to think, how would you find somebody? How would you find you?

So, if you are a business coach how would you find yourself, if you are a VA, how would you look for another VA and that is one way that you can start to think, are you showing up the way that you would find yourself?

Find out what it is you want from your business, do you want to grow it by 20 new clients a month, or do you want to grow it by one client a month and this then also helps you to find more ways of how you need to be more visible and what you need to be doing. You cant really no what you need to be doing until you know what it is that you want to be achieving and what you end goals is.

Once you’ve got that you can almost backtrack to work out what you need to do in order to achieve that goal that you’ve set for your business.

Perfect, that makes it simple as well and you have a nice step by step process to follow

If you could offer one piece of advice to future generations what would it be?

Go for it, stop worrying about what other people think, stop worrying about what other people might say, just got for it.

Try anything you want to try because failure is an opportunity and its not a bad thing, failure is actually a really great thing as you can learn so much from it, don’t worry about people saying well you cant do this, you haven’t got that or you shouldn’t, just follow your heart, just follow your passion. Jump in with both feet and see what happens. If nothing else you’ll learn something new and then you can go onto the next thing. Its just about taking a chance on yourself, have faith in yourself, just got for it!

I love that, it’s great, thank you

Thank you guys for listening/reading.

If you enjoyed that and would like to learn much more, Natalie’s masterclass with take place on Wednesday 29th July @ 2pm, book your spot below:

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