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‘How To: Grow Your Business On Twitter’ – An Online Masterclass With Q&A Featuring May King Tsang

May King Tsang is the original and UK’s number one live social media reporter, FOMO creator, professional live Tweeter and Twitter strategist. So, an all-round social media expert.

May King is going to be running a masterclass with us; our FIRST EVER online masterclass on ‘How To Grow Your Business On Twitter’. Check out our interview below with May King herself, who is sharing some insight into her background, along with the topics the masterclass will cover. To book your spot, scroll to the bottom of this post.

**Please note that this event has been rescheduled. The new date is Thursday 28th May, 2pm BST**

First of all May King, could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what it is that you do?

“Well, thanks for the glowing introduction Mel! And basically all that really I help to create FOMO for businesses at events, conferences – virtual and face-to-face.

So if you’re attending I can help you, if you are speaking I can help you, if you are sponsoring I can help you and if you are organising I can help you. Primarily through Twitter, but I can also help you to create FOMO for your own business on the other platforms as well; that’s what I do!”

Just in case there’s anyone out there that who doesn’t know what FOMO is; would you like to explain?

“It means the FEAR OF MISSING OUT!

A lot of people think well, you know, I don’t want FOMO; I want JOMO! But you won’t want the joy of people missing out in your business would you? No, no, no! So, in business terms, the FOMO is a good thing; you want people to think ‘Oh my God, what is this thing!? I need to sign up straightaway!’ So, it’s about creating that buzz and excitement for YOU and your business, so that people can get signed up right away.”

And the online masterclass is on the 21st of May, it’s a Thursday, at 2pm. First one, here we go!

“The first of many hopefully!”

Do you want to tell us a little bit more about what you’re going to be talking about in the masterclass, as our guest expert?

“Yeah! So, I think Twitter is probably one of the most misunderstood platforms of all the social media platforms and so, I’m gonna scale it back – back to basics; get people to understand why Twitter is THE place to go to create FOMO; WHY it’s more effective to gain more visibility and publicity.

Google loves Twitter and so you know there’s a whole combination, a whole series of reasons why we shouldn’t dismiss it as a social media platform. But we need to understand it first and we need to get to basics; understand how to show your business in the best possible light first of all, and then how to start building your brand and start building your business slowly. So that’s what we’re gonna do.”

So why is Twitter particularly important for business owners and freelancers?

“Well, if you want journalists to know YOUR business, that’s where you get to talk to journalists. Like, they’re all there, they’re all looking for stories, and especially now with the lockdown, they are looking for incredible stories that they can try and show and highlight, and you can get involved with them straight away. Journalists always go to Twitter to look for interesting stories, so if you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing out.”

Well there’s one good tip already! Your 1-2-1 primary hourly sessions normally starts at £185, but tickets for this event are just 20 pounds or £15 even, if you get in there with the early bird tickets; why!?

“It’s just my contribution to what’s going on in the world at the moment, you know. I’ve done my little bit, you know, helping with a couple of charities that I’m involved in with at the moment. But I want to do a little bit more so, you know, with small businesses we are getting some help from the government – eventually, in June though. So, I just want to try and reach out to as many businesses as possible, to help them in this current climate. So that’s why I am reducing my prices significantly.”

I’m sure there’ll be many people saying “thank you, thank you”!

And what was it that made you want to get involved with Pioneer Chicks?

“Because you guys are awesome!”

Of course!

“Of course!

When I first met you Mel, I mean you…I had an insight to what you do on Instagram and you’re just so inspirational to women and also, your work ethic is just incredible. And I love shining the spotlight on people; people whose work ethic is as good as mine, and you work so hard to make a difference to people who are thinking of a career change, thinking of starting their own business, you know and being a business can feel like the loneliest place on the planet but it doesn’t need to be when we have Pioneer Chicks. And that’s why I want to get involved with you guys.”

Oh, that’s really lovely, thank you and same to you; same to you!

So, as I mentioned, the masterclass is coming up at 2pm on the 28th of May. To book your tickets: or you can find it on our Facebook page which is @PioneerChicksUK and just click the events section. Or you can find it on Eventbrite and it’s called ‘How To Grow Your Business On Twitter’.

So we’ll be seeing May King again shortly and thank you very much May King, it was absolute pleasure having you here and we look forward to seeing you soon, along with you guys!

“See you on the 21st!”

Or book your spot now – scroll to the bottom of this post 😉

May King’s Top Tip:

“So, my number one tip to grow your audience on Twitter is…don’t forget to be grateful! Thank people; don’t lurk. If you’ve ever seen anything that’s been useful on Twitter, go and tweet and thank that person and that will help to grow visibility for your business and how to grow your audience.”

I’m ready to book now…how do I book!?

You can book either by clicking the button above, or you can book your spot directly here…

Hope to see you there!

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