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HOW TO: Travel On A Budget

Are you planning your next holiday? But also trying to save to save for a new house, pay for a new boiler or buy a new car.

Just because you are saving, it doesn’t mean that all other parts of life need to be put on hold. You just need to be savvy with your saving and spending.

I feel very few people on their death bed said ‘oh, I’m so glad I got to buy that sofa’ – they more than likely said ‘I’m so glad I got to travel and see the world’.

Yes, it is important to set goals and get the things you want in life but it’s also important to enjoy it too! We have put together some pointers to bare in mind when looking for your next adventure:

Being spontaneous is cool, but only if you have the funds and the time! If you are travelling on a budget, the first thing you must do is make a plan. When it comes to this, I am very meticulous! However, it can be more of a rough guide. You need to know the places you want to visit, and research the best/cheapest and most efficient route. You also need to know how long you are going to spend in each location. You need to try and minimalise wasted time and make the most of what you have planned.

Height of Season Avoidance

Booking your holiday on a budget will not happen unless you avoid the school holidays. Research the best time of year to visit your chosen destination and then visit before or after these dates, avoiding the school breaks (if possible!). Travel companies hike their prices up during holidays or at the height of the season, choosing to go ‘out of season’ also means you will bypass the locations being overpopulated by all other holiday goers.

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Make sure you book your tickets well in advance, if its only a short flight, remember to check out the lower budget airlines. By booking early you will get the best prices available. Also choose wisely about what days you opt for take your flights. Midweek flights always tend to be much lower than weekend flights. This goes hand in hand with there being less people, so the time of queuing and getting through security and on the plane should be swift.

Accommodation Know-How

Make sure you shop about for your accommodation. You have a few options and it depends on how important where you sleep is to you. If you are literally just using a bed to sleep in and are not too bothered about the luxuries your accommodation has to offer, check out some of the hostels available. Otherwise shop about using AirBnB or even, Trivago or Expedia which will offer an across the board range of hotels and apartments prices ranging from Low-High.

Pack To Perfection

You really want to avoid buying things that you have ‘forgotten’ whilst on your trip. By researching the weather before you go, you will have an idea of what to take. Even if you are going to a hot country it is best to travel in jumper and jeans/long trousers – ‘just in case’ (and the planes can get cold!). Planning what you are going to pack and wear each day is a great way to avoid over-packing. You can also buy handy storage bags for your case meaning all underwear and accessories can go in one bag, tops in one, trousers in another – they make things so much easier – especially if you’re travelling around a lot.

Public Transport for the Win

I personally would much rather travel by public transport as your get to see more of the location and it is also a much more cost-effective way of getting around. Researching the public transport options before you go can really be useful – It is always good to look at the trains and buses as they might have a travel card that would work out cheaper than buying a ticket each time you need to use the public transport. You don’t want to get off the plane without any idea at all of what you are doing to get to your next destination. So be prepared!

Food Glorious Food

Being a massive foodie, for me, I have found Brunch and Dinner to be the best way to deal with not having to spend lots of money on eating out all the time. The brunch can be more of a grab and go situation. Buying food in a local supermarket to prepare and take with you on your day out is simple but effective. Street food is often tasty and good value and you get to taste the local cuisine; or even better if you have already paid for breakfast with your accommodation – take full advantage of it. This means you are only having to buy one proper meal per day and even then, make sure you shop around. Get an idea of the restaurant prices, don’t just settle on the first one you come across.

We have a couple of products in our range that might help send you on your way.

First up we have our Travel Check List which has handy tear-off sheets, space for notes and clever prompts to jog your memory, this genius travel checklist will take care of everything, so you can enjoy a super stress-free trip.

We also have our Luggage Tags. Perfect for the splendidly stylish traveller (i.e. you), these luggage tags feature a pull-out address card. With a big tag for your suitcase and a small one for your hand luggage, every journey becomes a successful adventure.

Bon Voyage!!!

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