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HOW TO: Get Into A Millionaire’s Mind-Set.

People and businesses that are at the top of their game did not just get there by luck. Hard work, sweat and tears along with a strong positive mental attitude is generally how all success stories start.

Changing those negative thoughts into positive thoughts if you want to move forward, whether that be in your personal life or your business life, is so important.

We have put together some pointers below that would be typical habits of a high achieving entrepreneur.


Having a reading habit can be a good thing. Knowing as much as possible about your industry, and constantly learning more, is key to being successful. It will only help you become a strong{h}er, more effective business owner and leader. It can help you grow, learn and encourage that all important self-improvement. The topics of the books that you might read could include biographies, self-help books, leadership, current events or our favourite ‘HOW TO’.


A Millionaire would generally not just have one stream of income. They re-invest up to 20% of their income and have multiple incomes to allow for economic downturns. This helps to make more money in the long run. It is a good thing to have your fingers in a few pies!

You would have what you call your ‘bread and butter’; this is a constant flow. The likes of this could come from dividends from investments, interest from loans, royalties, rental income or capital gains.


You need to understand what is coming in and what is going out of your bank account every month. Having a written monthly budget and sticking to it is so important. Remaining in control of finances is a huge prevention of overspend and allows you to achieve those all-important financial goals.

Avoiding Interest Rates

Any form of debt that has interest is generally avoided on all accounts.  All purchases will be made upfront for the full amount or if it is purchased on a credit card then there is always the certainty that it can be paid off in full once the bill has come through. This would include holidays and cars.


We talk a lot about goal setting and how important it is. Whether it be financial, projects or weekly tasks, the most important will be in front of everything else and the importance of your goal will normally be driven by the financial return. Prioritising the most important is key.

Being successful doesn’t happen overnight for most people, earning a modest salary, investing wisely and focusing on living within the realms of a budget is much more achievable. Progressing at a slow and steady pace and being realistic will get you far!

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