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HOW TO: 10 Tips For Planning Your Next Event.

Planning an event can be a very stressful process and can often leave you feeling completely overwhelmed. As we are currently planning our biggest event to date we thought we would put together some tips that we have learnt along the way!

1. Start Early

Start your planning as soon as you can. If your event is a larger event you should begin planning at least four to six months in advance. Smaller events need at least one month to plan. Running up to the event, you need to make sure all vendor contracts are in place and that you have clauses discouraging any last-minute cancellations.

2. Create A Website

Having your own website for the event can have huge advantages. It means all the information along with purchasing tickets is all in one place which makes it completely user friendly. It also means across your social media platforms your can use the link for advertising or state ‘Link In Bio’ on Instagram to direct traffic to the event page.

3. Social Media Marketing

Your social media presence needs to be at the top of its game. Make sure you create a custom hashtag eg. #riseandshine2020 and use any other hashtags that you think will promote and get your posts seen. We have also found our event having its own branding has really made it stand out. Creating an ‘Event’ page on Facebook is also a must- here you can post up more details and encourage your followers to tag the event.

4. Be Willing To Compromise

Over the course of planning the event, things do not always necessarily go to plan – that might be due to budget or relying on other people, venues or catering. Make sure you are willing to compromise and make changes if necessary. This might include event times, locations or even the type of event you’re hosting, you need to ensure that you’re flexible and can meet the changing demands.

5. Volunteers/Helpers

Make sure you have planned for helpers for set up – day of and breakdown of the event. Break the days up and work out who is doing what. On the actual day of the event make sure you allocate certain people to the elements of the event that you have split into sections e.g. registration, catering, shopping, learning. Each team member should be solely responsible for managing their own section from start to finish.

6. Sharing Is Caring

Make a shared document that is user friendly with easy access from your phone – whether that be a spreadsheet, a dropbox folder or even just an email with attachments. Make sure all information to do with the event is saved here including attendees, floorplan and contracts. Collaborating with your team in order to keep everyone on the same page is vital for a smooth process.

7. Backup Plan on Standby

There is always the potential for hiccups. An example of this could be a key person to the event not turning up, or set design or props might arrive late. It is always best to assess the important parts prior to the event taking place and create a backup plan just in case!

8. Team Meeting

A couple of weeks prior to the event, it is best to have a meeting in place to do a mental run through of the plan with your staff/volunteers. This should be for all aspects of the event from start to finish, so everyone is on the same page. It can be at this meeting that issues can be highlighted, which gives time for any corrections to be made.

9. Photography Is Key

During the event it is so important to make the most of getting it photographed. Posting positive photos across social media is a great way to demonstrate the success of the event and puts you in good stead for future events. Make sure you have a list of shots that you want to get; these can range from event branding, full room shots and snaps of attendees taking part.

10. Follow-up Immediately.

Although you may want to take a break – it is essential to spend time after the event following up on current and new leads, getting customer feedback and be sure to tag people on your social media posts to demonstrate its success.

Happy Planning!!

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