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HOW TO: Promote Your Blog In 30 Ways

Blogging provides the opportunity for you to connect with your existing and potential customers in a more conversational way. It’s a great way to build trust with your audience through high quality content that they find relevant to themselves and their business.

There are so many ways to get your blog out there, but what actually works? And how are you going to ensure you reach that larger audience?

Check out our 30 ways that we think could benefit you (they have definitely benefited us):

1) Use Twitter to widen your online presence.

2) Create a Facebook page and a group where you can promote your blog.

3) Use facebook groups to offer your services.

4) Post high quality imagery on Instagram.

5) Use Instagram Stories – make sure you use hashtags and locations, plus a swipe-up link direct to your blog if you have this option.

6) Join group boards on Pinterest.

7) Always provide a link to your blog on social media posts and ensure it’s in your email signature.

8) Use hashtags – amounts allowed will vary but it is a great way to get seen.

9) Don’t be afraid to share your posts multiple times!

10) Use tools to help you create more exciting posts, we use Canva and could not live without it!

11) Share content from larger bloggers that is relevant to your business.

12) Post daily on your social media platforms and consistently revert your audience back to your blog post.


14) Respond to comments in a timely manor. Be sure to comment on others too!

15) Originality is key. Ensure this shines through with the content you are posting.

16) Have a well put together logo and use it frequently on your posts as a reminder to your audience.

17) Its ok to research the most compelling social media designs or ideas for your target audience to gain inspiration.

18) Maintain a consistent design style throughout.

19) Make sure your blog’s appearance has as much effort put in as the content. The visuals are what people will see first – make it attractive!

20) Target your audience. Get to know your audience and what they care about.

21) Write relevant posts that are inline with current trends.

22) Write consistently and frequently .

23) Feature bloggers and influencers whose content complements yours and ask individuals to guest post.

24) Write content that will help your readers.

25) Write with a consistent voice.

26) Make sure you network with people in person too. Online networking isn’t the only way to increase awareness of your blog.

27) Make your blog is clear and straightforward – readers want to know what they will get out of it.

28) Be knowledgeable and ensure you understand what you are writing.

29) Include images of yourself. People like to see the real you.

30) Send emails that announce your latest post! This spikes my traffic like crazy every single time – obviously keeping this inline with GDPR.

Now get blogging and see what happens!!!

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