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HOW TO: Build The Perfect Company LinkedIn Page.

We love learning tips from other pioneering women. LinkedIn is definitely something we need to start pursuing on a regular basis and can’t wait to get going with the help of our guest blogger Grace Collyer’s ‘HOW TO’ guide.

Meet Grace:

Hi! It wasn’t long ago that I left university, and now I am managing social media accounts for numerous different businesses across England.

I have been building brands for several years now for clients as well as my other company RockHoppa®. I started working in digital marketing in 2013, to grow my expertise in social media. I believe that my age (early twenties) gives me a step up in knowing what works effectively across the various social media channels.

I’m passionate about getting businesses “out there” in the world of social media! That will be my biggest dream for you.

As well as having a magnificent interest for travelling and working abroad, I enjoy cooking and learning new recipes. I also love music, reading fiction and I regularly go to the gym to maintain fitness levels. 

So, when is the last time you updated your LinkedIn company page? Or do you even have one?

LinkedIn’s rapidly growing user base of almost 600 million people speaks for itself, especially for B2B business owners. LinkedIn performs 227% better than Facebook or Twitter for generating visitor-to-lead conversions.

Many of you may already have a personal profile, but not a company page. Although there are restrictions on a company page compared to a personal profile, here are some of the benefits to having one:

  • You can create advertising campaigns through a company page.
  • When someone searches for your company on Google, it will appear as one of the top results.
  • Your team members can all link their personal profiles with your company page, which is beneficial if you have a large team.

So below I’ve broken down the features of a perfect LinkedIn company page, whether you’re looking to optimise your current page or start from scratch.

Creatives and copy for your LinkedIn company page

First things first: you need to cover the basics of your profile. Although setting up your company page is simple, there are some important decisions to make.

Choosing a company logo and cover photo

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where you may use a cover photo of your team, clean and colourful imagery is best on LinkedIn. Keep it simple.

For example, MailChimp uses a minimalist background with a yellow colour scheme, matching their brand. Nothing fancy, but effective.

Here are the social media image sizes for your LinkedIn company page:

  • Company logo – 300 x 300 pixels
  • Company cover image – 1536 x 768

LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn company pages contain subsections. You should fill all of these sections out completely, apart from the “Jobs” section if you aren’t hiring.


This section provides your company’s basic information, including a brief “About” paragraph and a place to list industry-specific keywords in the “Specialities” box. It’s similar to a Facebook “About” section compared to a Twitter or Instagram bio.


The “Life” section is a place where you can show your company’s culture. Highlight your company’s values and visions, provide a snapshot of your team’s day-to-day lives and explain what puts you apart from your competitors.


If you’re hiring via LinkedIn, this section will aggregate and house your job listings.


The “People” section is based on which of your team members have your company listed as their employer. It briefly breaks down their demographics, based on location, education, roles and skills. This tab is valuable to potential prospects and others interested in reaching out to your company.

LinkedIn content strategy

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common types of content I see on LinkedIn company pages.

Question-based content

Picking your followers’ brains is a good way of encouraging likes and comments. Oddly, text-based posts can often stand out on LinkedIn in a sea of articles and external links.

Industry-specific posts and articles

Unlike other networks, posting lots of articles is embraced on LinkedIn. There’s no better place to drop your latest link, as long as you provide a meaningful caption.

Resources and case studies

Considering that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, publishing your company resources and freebies is a no-brainer. This signals your influence within your industry while also helping your followers.

Employee showcase

Show off the human side of your business by recognising your employees on your LinkedIn company page.

Top tip: Get your employees involved

Employee advocacy is the absolute best way to grow your LinkedIn presence and increase your content’s reach.

When you restrict your company content to your page, you’re only being seen by your current followers. But let’s say you have a dozen employees each with a couple of hundred followers. This could enable your posts to be seen by thousands who would otherwise miss out on them.

So get your employees posting company content!

We can’t wait to get going!!

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