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Life, Confidence and Public Speaking Coach, Natalie King

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Meet The Expert: Life, Confidence and Public Speaking Coach, Natalie King

How many times have you gone to bed and promised yourself tomorrow is going to be the day you wake up and change your life forever?

Come the morning, tired and unmotivated, you slip back into the rut; back into the version of you-you’re not happy with. Fear, anxiety, and self-doubt are clouding every moment of your day only fuelling the feeling of being trapped, unable to grow as an individual.


This used to be me until I took control of my life and steered it purposefully and with intent, in the direction, I wanted to go.

I’ve never been more excited to do anything in my life than I’ve been to connect with you and to help inspire, motivate and guide you to your own position of personal freedom through the process of building up your self-confidence to a place where nothing can stand in your way.

Natalie is a truly wonderful coach and person. She really listened and understands me while empowering me to move out of my comfort zone.

Natalie is very passionate about supporting people and I always feel so comfortable with her. I highly recommend her. – Karen B.

I became a life coach because I’ve been where you are. I left my birth country of South Africa to start a new life in the UK and called it home for the last 18 years. As a child, I used to live my life like most in a state of mind where every day was full of excitement and wonder.

However, through years of bullying at school, my confidence was shattered, and my near-euphoric positivity towards life was ground down into dust. There was nowhere I felt I was accepted. It got so bad I didn’t even stay on to finish my education but instead left into the world of work.

It’s safe to say the workplace felt like a painstaking mirror image of the world I had just left behind.

After years of being pushed around, self-doubting my every decision and living in fear of the next opportunity to fly by me without a second glance, I decided it was time to take control.

Through the decisions I made to get involved with public speaking, the drive I had to expand my own comfort zone, to start my own business, to hone my skills as a mentor and to keep moving forward, I changed my life in a way I never believed was possible.

A life I thought was reserved for a select few people.

This isn’t the case. We all have the ability to be the people we want to be and to live the life we want to live. It’s all a matter of taking steps to unlock your potential.

As a life coach, I take three main elements into consideration;

· Personal freedom

· Self-confidence

· Growth

Mastering these three things will give you everything you need to become the individual you want to be and to live the life you want to live.

If you see yourself as an immovable object, unable to move in the direction you want to go because of the pressures of yourself, others and society, get ready to become the unstoppable force!

Region covered: East Anglia

Consultation options with Natalie:

The New Insight Life Coaching Programme: £60 per session (13 sessions)

This is a 13 session, interactive programme using  tried and tested tools that will help with your personal development: a new learning and growing experience.

Happiness Coaching: £100 (a one-off, two hour session)

Happiness Coaching Programme: £60 per session

Public Speaking One-to-One Coaching: £50 per session

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“My ‘in’ joke with Natalie has always been ‘Ugh, you’re not going to make me think, are you?’ A fundamental part of our sessions was not just thinking but the space to think and reflect. Natalie presented as a constant source of support but also pushed me to go further than I thought I could. This aspect of our sessions was central to my success so far and my progress on achieving my goal’ – Fiona Kearns

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