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How To: Work/Life Balance Whilst Leading a Busy Lifestyle.

We are all running around like headless chickens trying to hold it together.

Work, family, friends, cooking, exercising, eating healthily, running a home – how do we portion this out creating a balanced lifestyle?

The truth is – most of the time, we don’t!

However, trying to make the best of your situation is something we strongly believe in.

Below we have put together some useful tips to help you stay on track!

Make A List, Check It Twice.

Make a list of things you like to do in your limited but free time. Once you have this list, put the activities in order. This may include things like the following: binge watching a series, going to the gym, cooking etc. Once you’ve made your list, put the items in order by how much of a priority they are to you. Try and fit in at least one of your top three activities per day – you could have these on rotate to mix it up, but the idea is to make you understand what is the most important to you.

Good Things Come To Those Who Sweat.

If exercising is at the top of your list, remember this does not have to be an hour-long session every day to reap the benefits, you can cut this down to smaller bite-sized chunks. For example, you can do a 10 minute treadmill run, four minutes of kettle bell exercises, four minutes of abs work and two minutes of squats and lunges – just 20 minutes of your day.

Wanting To Make Meals From Scratch But No Time?

Standing in the kitchen after a long day is no fun. Prepping and bulk cooking at the weekend for the week ahead is a great way to save time in the week and allows you to still eat a healthy balanced meal. In the winter, the slow cooker can be used at least twice a week with wholesome casseroles and soups. In the summer, some grilled chicken and baby tomatoes, added to feta and rocket with a quick delicious dressing of rough chopped parsley, lemon juice and olive oil takes no time at all.

Holiday, What Holiday?

You may believe you have no time to slow down or stop. Make time!! You are no good to yourself or anyone around you; whether that be colleagues, family or friends if you burn out from the constant pulls on life. Ensure you get your holidays booked, place them throughout the year, in a combination of longer and shorter trips. It is so important to your health and mind to switch off and chill!

Note To Self: Relax

When you have had a day full of meetings with a busy evening ahead, your stress levels are probably sky-high. Stress has a terrible impact on your health and well-being. Therefore, one of the best things you can do to stay healthy and fit is to learn how to relax. Take some time for you, whether that be a hot bath, reading a book or catching up on Netflix.

Why not try putting some of the above in place to give yourself more of a balanced lifestyle.

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