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How To Develop Your Brand Photographically

Branding through your imagery is so important, it can help you stand out from the crowd and take your business to new levels.

Being a fairly new business, we have built up our knowledge from scratch so love to share what we have found out over the past 2 years.

Check out our tips below and consider using them for your own business.

Create a Mood Board

A mood board is a great way to gather your thoughts and demonstrate what it is you are trying to represent. Select photos from Pinterest, magazine cut outs and yes, it’s ok to also use your competitors’. Collate everything together which should give you an overall feel and look to what you are imagining in your own head.

Now its time to curate. Only stick with the images that stand out to you and compliment each other. Even if you are filtering this down to 5 images, make sure they are punchy and portray a message.

Share Your Vision

Once you have collected your imagery and are happy with the results it would be an idea to make a ‘design guide’ going forward for future use by yourself or your colleagues. Think of it as a ‘how to guide’.

Use the below pointers when creating your guide.

*What kinds of content should be in the photos? Products? Architecture? Landscape? You?

*What kind of story should your imagery tell? Are you promoting an event or product?

*What mood does it convey to the viewer? How should they feel after looking at your imagery?

*How will the photos be edited? Will you be changing the colour/contrast?

*What are your KSP’s (key selling points)? How is this demonstrated through your photography?

What’s Your Story?

Make sure every image you use tells a story.

Ask yourself what the message is and have you portrayed it? Is the photograph self-explanatory or does the viewer have to dig a little deeper?

Ensure your imagery is consistent with telling your story. Evaluate each photo, ensuring it’s the best it can be!

Photo Quality Is EVERYTHING

Using high quality imagery not only demonstrates your eye for style and design, it brings the essence of professionalism to your business.

The key points to consider when taking your photos are as follows:


Ensure it is not too light and not too dark, you need to keep this consistency through your imagery.  


Make sure you have a sense of depth, allow the balance for soft and hard materials, align and iron out the creases. Make sure there are not too many distractions and products or people are placed with care.  


Ensure your colours are complimentary of what you are selling/portraying. Anything that clashes if not done in the correct way can be a huge eye-sore.


Be You, Be Authentic.

Consistency Is Key

Once you have found/portrayed and are slaying your vision, your ‘design guide’ will become the bible for your business. It will tell the stories and demonstrate the vision associated with your company or product. Use imagery that fits with that guide.

You will see this slightly change over time. You can keep relevant with current trends, but by putting your own twist on them your brand will start to become recognisable to your audience and before you know it, your followers will be sharing your content.

Go get em!

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