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5 Top Tips For A Productive Week Ahead

The thought of achieving a productive week can be very challenging and we spend far too much time procrastinating over our ‘To Do’ list rather than just getting on with it!

We all want to achieve more by doing less, here are our top 5 tips on how we can be more productive whilst remembering to enjoy what we’re doing!!

1. Set limits

Start by planning the week ahead. Rather than setting one big end goal, focus on setting smaller daily goals, this will seem a lot less overwhelming and much more achievable.

Set out 5 goals you want to smash this week and make sure you achieve one per day. You can work through these starting with the most important. Try and complete this first before moving onto the next one. Multi-tasking is not always the most efficient way of getting jobs completed.

2. Structure your week

If you do not have structure to your week you run the risk of overwhelming yourself, your colleagues and anyone else that may cross your path. Set out each day with what you plan to do and stick to it. Having certain days to work in specific areas can be beneficial, see example below:

Monday: Weekly Meeting, Emails, Quotes/Orders, Goal 1

Tuesday: Social Media Planning, Events, Marketing, Goal 2

Wednesday: Finance, Orders, Goal 3

Thursday: Development, Growth, Goal 4

Friday: Filing (clean up), Next weeks to do list, Goal 5

3. Communication is key

Not everything can always go to plan, as you cannot control others. Make sure you talk to people if you feel stuck in a rut. You are not expected to be able to solve everything. Some things will be out of your hands; you set a goal and it either gets done in the week, or there might be a reason why it was not completed (for example, due to information you need from others). A plan always becomes progress or a problem, as long as you can communicate this you will eventually complete the task at hand.

4. Sharing is caring

Within your team or with your partner, always share and explain to others your goals list, the importance of some tasks over others and generally the kind of workload you have on. They may be able to assist where necessary. It is also really important to communicate your progress; this keeps everyone on the same page and acts as a reminder that at the end of the day, you are all working towards the same end goal!

5. Friday planning

Planning your next week on Friday evening before leaving work is vital. You’ll keep your weekend worry-free and feeling content. This enables you to start right away on Monday morning!!

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