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Business Babes Crushing It On Instagram

I’m a girl that thrives on drawing inspiration from other women. So when I decided to see what all the fuss was about (several years ago now) with this new social media platform ‘Instagram’, you can imagine how excited I was to find somewhere where I could happily stalk (that’s basically what it is, right?) people that inspired me! It was this platform that gave me ideas that eventually led to the birth of Pioneer Chicks, so I’m very grateful. I have a lot of respect for this platform, the new businesses that it has inspired and the people absolutely crushing it on there.

I figure that many of you will be inspired by the same types of people as me, so I’ve created this list of some of my favourites to share with you (in no particular order):

1. Hilary Rushford @hilaryrushford

Style queen, Instagram guru and with more energy than a bulk pack of Duracell batteries, Hilary’s enthusiasm for all things fashion and business is infectious. With a background in dance, she’ll have you up out of your seat dancing about and pumped ready to learn! And boy does she have a lot to teach. I’ve personally invested in her Instagram courses and can’t recommend them highly enough.

She speaks fast, so you may want to pause and rewind, but I can happily listen to her on repeat all day every day. And guess what, now you can! She has just launched a podcast ‘You’re Welcome’.

2. Julia Engel @juliahengel

Another style queen, blogger, fashion designer and business woman. Julia does it all! Literally. She and her husband founded and run Gal Meets Glam, a beauty and lifestyle blog that now also has it’s own women’s fashion line of the same name. Between them, they take the photographs, edit the photos, shoot videos, design the clothes, do the marketing and somehow also manage to have the most impeccable and stunning home in Charleston, USA that features heavily on her Instagram page.

If you enjoy feminine clothing and pretty homes, you’re in for a treat. Her husband Tom is also a keen, yet openly novice, gardener who shares everything he learns in her stories.
Warning! This Instagram account is addictive!

3. Veronica Dearly @veronicadearly

If you like quirky, funny and British, you’ll love Veronica! As an official supplier of her products, you can probably guess that we’re a little obsessed with her artwork and quotes. If you need a little ‘pick me up’ during a tough day, or you would like to send a friend or a colleague an entertaining message, look no further.

4. Sophie Callahan @sophiecallahan

Sophie is a specialist UK equine portrait photographer, and bloody good at it! Having grown up with horses, naturally this one is close to my heart. Not just a skilled photographer, Sophie has also built a following of 14.1k on Instagram in this specialist field, so clearly knows a thing or two about having a strong presence on the platform.

I could go on and on with this list; there are so many incredible women out there absolutely crushing it on Instagram.

Always on the look-out for more people to obsess over, I’d love to know which women you ladies recommend? Please do comment below!

Thanks for reading and I wish you many enjoyable hours of browsing! Mel xx

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