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The Success/Lack Cycle – You Decide

Confidence and resilience coach for women leaders, Sonja Kirschner, is a senior marketing professional with a huge passion for empowering women leaders across different industries, helping them to be & feel authentically confident in their diverse leadership roles. Experienced in leadership coaching, confidence coaching, resilience building and Mind Freedom®, through her business APOWER 3, she’s currently on a mission to empower women to be the best they can whilst maintaining their feeling of worth, confidence, authenticity and remaining true to who they are.

Sonja is our featured guest blogger this week and will be running us through the Success/Lack Cycle:

Mind over matter

It was not until 1954 that a man run one mile in less than four minutes. No one one has done it before. Roger Bannister was the first to achieve this incredible result after training not only his body but also his mind. Roger knew that he had to do something differently from what his competitors focused on – training their bodies. Roger also trained his mind by visualising him running one mile, arriving at the finishing line and hearing the announced record time to start with the number 3. And so his mind pulled through the perceived limitations of the human body and he did it! See Roger’s recollection of the run here.

Interestingly, within only two years of Roger breaking every record, 37 other people have managed to do the same! Until today, more than 20,000 have achieved the same or a greater result.

In addition to Roger’s success on the day, he did something which had a great impact on others: With him achieving the result which had been previously thought to be unattainable, Roger raised other peoples’ belief about what was possible in the running world. As a result, other runners started tapping deeper into their potential. The sense of certainty about what was possible has allowed them to train harder and focus more on what they now knew could achieve.

The four components of the Success/Lack Cycle

The above highlights four key components to Roger Bannister’s success. These key components, feeding each other in a clockwise fashion, form the Success/Lack Cycle depending on the momentum we allow to build up:

  1. Belief/Sense of Certainty – Most people have made up their minds about what they believe their potential to be (no matter what you tell them). The actions we take are determined by our sense of certainty about us getting what we want and by our belief in our POTENTIAL.
  2. Your Potential – The first thing that determines whether you can do something. With the human potential being extraordinary, the only thing that is stopping us from tapping into it more is our belief about what’s possible. The more we believe in being able to get what we want, the more we tap into our potential. And the more we tap into our potential, the more ACTION we take.
  3. Action – It’s obvious that the more action we take the higher the chances that we will achieve the results that we want. But what if we deep down don’t really believe that we can have or do what we want? Our belief will subconsciously decide what actions we take and impact the way in which we take them. This will be reflected in the RESULTS that we get.
  4. Results – It is obvious that our results are the product of what we do or don’t do and how much we are motivated by what we want. Getting what we want reinforces our belief in our potential and strengthens our sense of certainty that things are always working out for us. On the other hand, not getting what we want usually has the opposite effect.

The momentum that builds up, whether it’s positive or negative, explains why the richer and the poor get poorer.

Successful vs unsuccessful people: The main difference 

Most people tend not to truly believe in what they cannot see, i.e. if they are not getting the results that they want their sense of certainty about it happening is compromised. But how do we produce a sense of certainty if the world is not giving it to us?

This is the key difference between successful and less successful people: Successful people know how to get the results in their head that make them feel certain as if they already happened. This strong sense of certainty pushes them to massively tap into their potential, take strong and convincing action which eventually brings them the desired results.

Once you watch the video, I’d love you to hear from you.

  • How much do you allow yourself to tap into your potential?
  • How strong would you rate your belief in yourself and in your own success?
  • How much are your actions aligned with what you truly believe is possible?
  • What needs to change to help you move away from the Lack Cycle and hop on the Success Cycle?

Even just a quick comment will help you to start taking your power back.

Thank you for reading, watching and adding your voice to the conversation. 

Your contributions mean a lot more than you know – Sonja x

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