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What podcasts are you listening to?

People listen to podcasts for a variety of different reasons, there’s not one word to truly describe them. Podcasts can be funny and entertaining, but they can also be informative and inspiring. They can fill up your leisure time with knowledge, laughter or inspiration depending on the show that you listen to.

There are so many different kinds of podcasts meaning there really is something for everyone to listen to.

Podcasts come in a variety of lengths with different topics and subjects and are such a great use of time because they can enhance your interest levels and allow you to become more involved.

Listen at any time: whilst cleaning the house, commuting to work or browsing the internet. There are so many different ways and places to listen to podcasts, and they don’t distract from other important tasks you may need to complete.

6 benefits of listening to others:

– Enables you to be more imaginative

– Learn an abundance of new information

– Allows you to multi-task

– Become a better listener

– Learn about other peoples lives’ and experiences

– Gain new interests

Our favourite podcasts:

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (@lewishowes)

InvestED with Danielle Town & Phil Town (@danielletown)

The GaryVee Audience Experience with Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

Directionally Challenged with Candice King & Kayla Ewell (@candicekayla)

Podcasts allow you to hear the voices of so many different people, which is important in the current climate of our society. Not only can you access viewpoints both alike and different from your own, but you have knowledge at your fingertips and the ability to learn new things. Podcasts are a very important form of media that should be valued now and in the years to come.

Get Listening!!!

What are your favourite podcasts? Comment below….

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