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Transform yourself from ‘Boss Babe’ to ‘Party Girl’

When we spend most of our lives on the go, sometimes we don’t have time for those all important changes, going from work straight into socialising.

We have put together 5 simple tips that we swear by when transforming our work gear into social:

What to wear?

A black dress and blazer can soon be dressed up or down, whether you dress it down by rolling up your blazer sleeves and embracing a top knot or put on some hoops and heels it is a great example of the perfect work to social outfit.

Freshen Up

Out of time for a shower? A quick wash and some a spritz of perfume in the toilet is totally acceptable! No one wants to feel like they are leaving the office with a days’ worth of stress with them.


Don’t forget to pack your makeup bag. Most people have their ‘everyday’ makeup look that they use for work. Revive yourself by adding some blush, shimmer and lip gloss to make you feel like to you have applied a new face on. It’s amazing what small touches can do to make you feel fresh.


Accessorising is an obvious but great was to ‘jazz’ up your outfit and can make all the difference. Bags, belts, scarves, gloves and hats are all great choices, although I really love the difference that statement jewellery can make. A long necklace worn over a jumper or dress, or some statement earrings can immediately make you feel like you are wearing a different outfit.

Shoe Mania

You’ve been walking around in the same shoes all day, it’s time to whip off those court shoes and depending on the type of social event you are attending after work, it may be the case a funky pair of heels could enhance your outfit, or if you are dressing it down for a more modern sleek look a white pair of trainers can really make your outfit pop.

Instagram & Pinterest Inspo:

Eliminate the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma and grab some inspo to keep yourself looking fresh. By saving pictures on Instagram or by making a ‘style board’ on Pinterest you will be able to enhance the clothes you already have and mix and match styles to create some chic new looks enabling you to transform yourself from Boss Babe by day to Party Girl by night in no time!!

Check out some other great tips below:

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