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What Makes A Better Boss?

Great bosses demonstrate passion, motivation and belief. They show what they are working towards and aiming to accomplish within the workplace. They are unforgettable and make you want to be part of the team. They are focused and ensure that everyone knows where they stand. They are humble and believe they are equal. They freely admit their mistakes, allowing everyone to learn from them.

The most successful female leaders set standards for themselves, for their employees, for their products and for their brands, continually guiding their team and smashing their goals.

Check out our top tips below that you should implement immediately to become the boss everyone loves and wants to have:

All Eyes on You:

Remember you are the leader, your employees will look up to you and look to you for guidance. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated and there must always be respect for each other. Set the tone and they will follow suit.

Remain Open:

Having an open-door policy can really enhance your relationship with your employees, be approachable and stay connected with their work load. If you are not always in the office, set times within the week that they can easily contact/see you.

Be Positive:

Even if everything is not going to plan you need to keep your employees away from negativity. Remember negative injection will always make a bigger impact than positive ones so keep your cool. This also applies for having negative employees who have the potential to bring the team down, you either need to take them to one side and hope they can change or express that this isn’t the job for them – Bad Apples are no good in any situation!

Make a connection:

Being human and making that all important connection with your employees can make a world of difference. Human first, boss second. It’s ok to chat about subject matters outside of work, whether it’s what they got up to at the weekend or what they had for dinner last night, you don’t have to be best friends but being friendly and interested will make them feel more connected to you.

You’re allowed to have fun:

Team training days are brilliant, they take everyone out of their comfort zone and time away from the office in this instance is not a bad thing. Team-building and doing something completely different to the normal day-to-day stuff can really show a person’s personality; relationship building is key.

It’s a fact that employees who have a high satisfaction level with their job are less likely to look elsewhere. When you have great employees, its very important to do everything you can to keep them. Be the best boss and know one will want to leave you!!

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