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TIPS: How To Save Time In Your Busy Work Schedule

Efficiency is the key to achieving your targets and goals.

I’ve prepared a list of five effective ways to help save you time and achieve more in your work day.

1. Plan your day before you start.

Are you someone that jumps straight into your tasks as soon as you enter the office and sit down at your desk? This could be where you’re going wrong! Planning your day by writing a list is so important; it will make you much more efficient, enabling your day to run as smoothly as possible. Try and resist the urge to get stuck into your emails/tasks – work out which jobs even need to be done before you begin.

2. Do the most important job first.

The most urgent tasks are not always the most important, that is why it is vital to plan your day in the first instance so you can distinguish between the two. Start with the most important, the one that will make you the most satisfied once you have completed it – tasks that lead to business success will be your most important. This might include planning, learning, marketing, skills development and relationship building.

3. Delegate work according to peoples’ strengths.

Most people normally don’t sit down and recognise strengths and weaknesses in their team, meaning the day can become very messy and disorganised. Take some time to work out your strengths and how you can delegate out other jobs according to your employees’/colleagues’ strengths. You will probably find you can delegate a lot more than you think, opening up opportunity to work on new ventures.

4. Compress your time.

Try and set yourself deadlines for completing tasks. This means you can put yourself under a bit of pressure – good pressure. This should reduce the amount of time it takes to reach your goals. If you do not set deadlines, the tasks will be left open and without urgency, the whole thing will become a slower process. Not all pressure is bad!

5. Home time!

Ensuring your work day has a finish time can also contribute to the previous point. Your productivity will be greater, you will set a precedence of work/life balance and you will naturally want to get all your important jobs done.

Try and structure some of the above into your work week and prepare to be amazed. You’ll achieve your goals quicker than you ever dreamed imaginable and not even the sky will limit you!

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