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Surviving the ‘Back to Work’ Blues…

Going back to work after a break can make you feel anxious and completely overwhelmed. Before you begin with your first task of the week, you need to forget what your habits were over the break – late nights and poor diet can have a line drawn under them. The first week back will be a lot easier to manage if you ensure you have enough sleep and try to organise your tasks methodically.

The reason coming back to work after a holiday or break is so daunting is because your brain is suffering with the idea that everything is fun. The easiest way to break free of this is to organise your week with some tasks that you will look forward to completing along with some social arrangements that will keep you focused. While your next holiday might not be for months, put some things in place for some of the evenings, or the next weekend. What fun activity could you have planned? Visualise that, and watch it give you the energy you need to power through the first week back.

There is nothing worse than having tasks thrown at you the moment you walk in the door. Give yourself time to get situated and get back into work mode before you are bombarded with things to do. To give yourself a nice sense of momentum that will carry through the day, start with the easy stuff, go through your emails, beginning only with those that do not require your attention.

Now you have most likely cleared out half of your inbox in less than 10 minutes, it’s time to make your to-do-list by tackling the rest of your emails. Make a list as you go, this will help you to get organised and prioritise the important stuff first.

Keep the below in mind and breathe!!

*Eat well and get organised

*Make time for yourself

*Book a meeting with your inbox

*Prioritise and set goals

*Look ahead to what you enjoy at work

Going back after a break is never easy, however these ideas should help to make the first week less of a drag, and help you get back in to productive work mode.

You got this!!!



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