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Why Your Comfort Zone is Holding You Back…

Meet Natalie King – New Insight Life and Confidence Coach, Happiness Coach and Public Speaker. Here Natalie shares her thoughts on how stepping out of your comfort zone can make the world of difference.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” –  Neale Donald Walsch

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary; by standard definition, a ‘comfort zone’ is a situation in which you feel comfortable; a place where nothing is new and the activities here aren’t difficult.

That being said, everybody’s comfort zones are different.

Similar to how everyone you know is different from you, their comfort zone will be different from yours. What one person might find comfortable, another person might find very uncomfortable and nowhere near their comfort zone level.

You’re probably wondering, why is this a bad thing? What’s wrong with being comfortable?

The problems start if you have a small zone. You can start to feel quite isolated, your niche of friends can seem limited. More often than not, you may feel you’re part of a larger family with a big group of friends, yet you can’t shake the feeling that things are repetitive and unchallenging.

This is a rut that so many of us find ourselves in. Sometimes it’s such a frequent feeling, that now it just feels normal. However, to change these feelings of being stuck or unchallenged into sparks of passion and drive that make you want to tackle life and grow into the person you want to be, you need to step out of your comfort zone.

life begins at the end

To step out of your zone means you’re giving yourself space to grow as an individual.

Now; I’m not talking about taking a running leap to see how far you can jump out of your comfort zone because this changes too much.

What I am suggesting is starting with baby steps.

These minute steps are small changes you can make to point yourself in the direction of your goal.

These changes can be daily, weekly or even monthly. It would depend on the changes you want to make and the activities you choose. Whatever changes you want to make; the idea is to remain consistent with these changes until they become part of your comfort zone.

Let’s start the process right now.

Ask yourself the question of what goal you would like to achieve?

Do you want to start your own business? Learn a new skill? Embark on new adventures?

Once the question has been answered, you then need to take the first step, be it a phone call, an email, make the time to attend classes, etc.

Take things one step at a time, and you’ll be amazed at what benefits it brings into your life.

Your self-confidence, self-esteem and your self-belief will grow. As your knowledge expands, you’ll find your social circle will expand or even change. You might have the courage to go for that promotion you’ve wanted, even go for the interview for your dream job.

Do something different and do it regularly and you’ll find by taking these little steps you will slowly grow your comfort zone, allowing you to live whatever life you want to live.

comfort zone

Natalie King is a New Insights life & confidence coach and public speaker based in East Anglia. Her passions include mentoring others to achieve their full potential or helping people to create whatever lives they want to live.

To book a FREE life coach consultation, contact her via her website here

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