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Organising & Decluttering Consultant, Andrea McKeogh

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Meet The Expert: Organising & Decluttering Consultant, Andrea McKeogh

  • Are you overwhelmed by the thought of decluttering?
  • Would you like to get more organised?
  • Do you need to create more space?
  • Would you like to keep less stressed?
  • Can’t face this on your own?
  • Then I am here to help!

My name is Andrea and I set up TidyAway to share my passion for organisation. Helping you to create space and order in your home and office environments, I work with you to review what you have and create a framework to help you decide what you need.

I can’t believe how much we got done in 6 hours! Your calmness, common sense and good ideas made it a really enjoyable and productive experience. I had been so anxious about it all, but you helped me to make difficult decisions without pressuring at all. It was so fantastic to take four bags of toys, jigsaws, games, bags and assorted household to the charity shop. Thank you for everything, it was a genuine pleasure! – Janet

I have lived in South Cambridgeshire for 15 years with my husband and have two grown up sons. I have worked in the nursing profession and in education throughout my career where meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life has taught me a listen-first and non-judgemental approach to everything I do whilst respecting confidentiality.

Tidying & decluttering

My interest in organising and decluttering came about through setting up a home for my family, organising my two boys through their school, holidays and social events and coordinating and organising our move to America and a return a few years later. This has led me to start TidyAway to help others benefit from my learning and experience.

Region covered: Haverhill and surrounding areas

Consultation options with Andrea:

Areas I can work on with you:

  • Bedrooms: Wardrobes & Drawers
  • Kitchen and Playrooms: Store Cupboards & Toy chests
  • Home Office, Loft & Garages: Space recovery & storage ideas

Initial consultation: £25 – This will count towards the first hour if booking is made

Hourly rates thereafter: £25 (minimum 3 hours)

To book your initial consultation with Andrea, please complete the form below:

“When my parents needed help to sort out and declutter their loft I called TidyAway. Andrea was very professional and efficient. She has a lovely manner and managed to allay their fears whilst clearing, decluttering and tidying with the minimum of fuss. The end result was an extremely ordered loft and two very happy parents. I would be happy to recommend Andrea and TidyAway and will use their services again.”

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