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From a very young age we are constantly being told what to do, what to wear and what to eat. We struggle to think for ourselves or make our own decisions as we are so used to having it done for us. At what point do when change from being told what to do (reactive) to going out there and chasing our goals (proactive).

If you don’t know the difference between the two, now is the time to recognise where you might be going wrong and how you can make that change.

What makes me reactive?

  • Always ending up with a list of jobs that are things other people have asked you to do. Your own jobs then end up being pushed to the bottom of the list and forgotten.
  • You laugh when people ask what you do when you take a break – a break, what is this?
  • You turn to other people who look like they have everything worked out for advice (mentors, coaches), but then you just end up doing what they tell you to do but only because they said so…you’re not actually thinking for yourself.
  • When you’re left to get on with your own thing and you literally have no idea what it is you’re meant to be doing so you sit at your computer and stare into space.
  • You have notifications for everything. These are popping up all over the place throughout the day… phone, computer, ipad, calendar – a distraction that is almost welcomed.


The above pointers are deterrents that might happen daily. We need to try and curve these to become more pro-active, so we can get more of our own stuff done.

Be pro-active:

  • Turn off all notifications. On your computer, calendar, phone…. Every device that pops up and is distracting.
  • Prioritise your goals and set yourself targets, this is so important. Make a list and keep it close to you at all times. This encourages you to remember what it is all for! It gives you focus and determination to achieve.
  • Plan the actions that will help you get to your targets, set out a daily schedule of when you will do what prioritising all the important stuff. This helps you remember what you are doing and why.
  • Tick off as you go, feeling that mini sense of achievement, it’s a great confidence booster.
  • Look at your to-do list – you know, the one that has everyone else’s jobs on. As hard as it is, you need to start saying NO to people. It isn’t helping you achieve your targets and goals so why are you doing it?
  • Make sure you set out a structure to your day, this includes knowing what part of the day you work best – are you a morning person, are you someone who gets to about 3pm and starts fidgeting or are you a night owl? Establish this and you will be able to structure your time efficiently.
  • Delegation – you can have delegation with your own workload but also delegate to others if your business allows this. Don’t feel like you have the whole world on your shoulders, you are allowed to share the workload you just need to put trust into others.

Use the Eisenhower Box as a point of reference when prioritising:

eisenhowser box


Enjoy using these tips to help you move forward and have a sense of freedom. Everyone around you will soon get used to you working in this way so don’t sweat it, just enjoy it! TAKE ACTION!





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