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How To Achieve More With These 5 Goal Setting Tips

If you want to succeed, you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus. Follow these tips to stay motivated and point you in the right direction….

Set Specific Goals

Be specific and to the point when you are setting your goals. Making them achievable (by breaking large goals into smaller goals) will mean it is not such a daunting task and will keep you enthusiastic along the way. Positivity is key, having something realistic to aim towards will keep you and your staff motivated.

Less is more

Focus on fewer goals, do one thing and do it well. Having only one goal makes self-control more successful than when people have two or more conflicting goals. With too many goals, we often are afraid of making the wrong choice, so we end up feeling very unsatisfied. Less is more so ensure you do not fall into the trap of trying to achieve everything all at once.

Do it for yourself

Setting your own goals means you will be much more motivated in achieving them rather than then being set by others. You will have more self-control, drive and enthusiasm on the task at hand if you have created your own achievable list.

Write it down

The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real. You have no excuse for forgetting about it. As you write, use the word “will” instead of “would like to” or “might”. You need to remain passionate about the fact that you are setting goals and are going to achieve them, you can also tick them off as you go!

Stay Focussed

Goal setting is an ongoing activity, not just a means to an end. Build in reminders to keep yourself on track, and make regular time-slots available to review your goals. Your end destination may remain quite similar over the long term, but the action plan you set for yourself along the way can change significantly.


Remember why and what you are doing this for to make your dreams become reality!

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