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3 Ways To Grow Your Client/Customer Base Using Facebook

  1. Create a FB business page:

List your products in the shop section of your business page

FB Shop

Use the button beneath the cover picture to send potential customers/clients to your website (even better, offer a free giveaway in your cover pic and tell them to click the button to sign up and receive the free gift).

Here’s what they don’t tell you and what I’ve learnt! Don’t expect to get loads of followers on your FB page, this takes a lot of time to build up. The page is needed so your business has a ‘front’ on FB.  The way to gain new customers/clients is actually not from this page, but by doing the following two steps:

  1. Facebook Selling Pages & Marketplace:

Use Facebook’s search tool to find your local selling sites. Most towns/cities will have at least one selling site where you can list your products/services/events for free!

Cambridge Selling Page

The downside is that many people post in these sites so your listing will soon get lost down the page, but they usually have thousands of people following so it’s worth it for some short-term exposure that costs nothing!

  1. Facebook Groups:

Join Facebook groups that are relevant to your audience. Think carefully about who your target audience is and where they are likely to hang out…mum’s groups, entrepreneur groups, business groups, craft groups, home organising, etc.

Offer VALUE in those groups:

  • Join in with conversations and help people where you can with advice, without expecting anything in return.
  • Post content that is genuinely super helpful and relevant to that group (you can even post the contents of your blog), again not in a sales pitchy manner….do it expecting nothing in return.

Trust us with the above two points! The people in the groups will soon learn that you have experience/knowledge in their area of interest and they will start coming to you for help/advice so you can build a relationship with them (through direct messages) and most of the time they will want to learn more about your products/services.   Stop selling and swap it with being useful to people!

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