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So many of us have worked from home when starting up a business, the reasoning behind this is likely to be for convenience and to keep cost down. As great as staying in your PJ’s all day sounds underneath it all, it can become very lonely and unproductive, there is so much time for other things getting in the way, chores, the TV and looking in the fridge at least 5 times, trying to decide what to have for lunch.
Working at a separate office space does provide advantages. Taking in fresh air on the commute, interacting with people, even if it is just a ‘hello’ and having a space to meet with colleagues and clients.
We think commuting to an office has its benefits, hear why below:
If you have the advantage of walking or biking to work, even if it’s only 10-15 minutes away, getting the heart rate up in the morning is a great way to start the day. Endorphins released will contribute to you being focused and energised when you get to your office space.
Away from home
When you work from home it can often be difficult to “turn off” work, this also goes the other way, sometimes it is difficult to stop what you doing at home to crack on with work. Why watch a movie when you know you need to work on a proposal or project? Or why do work when you can watch a movie.
Commuting to work helps to establish the separation between home life and work. Even if you work long hours, which is often necessary when starting up a small business, having to leave your office when your day’s work is complete helps to separate the two, it also gives you the chance to think about the day you have had, or what’s in store for tomorrow, so by the time you have arrived home you can switch off.
Getting into a routine
It is great being able to own your own business and manage your own time, it allows you to have flexibility however you need to keep a routine otherwise you will be working all hours. Always leave at the same time in the morning if you can to get into the office, try and take a lunch break and try and finish at a reasonable hour. Creating your own routine and sticking to it can help you stay productive.
A little extra time
If you catch a train or bus and your commute is slightly longer, this is an ideal time to get a little bit more work done if you didn’t quite finish it all in the office, get your planning for the following day completed, think about the goals you are setting yourself or simply catch upon the outside world.


Sometimes commuting an extra few minutes each direction is worth it if you can work in a great office that is going to inspire and motivate you to work harder!

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