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Do’s and Don’ts of asking for a pay rise..

Most people have that nervous feeling inside when they are faced with asking for a rise. This is only natural; to try and reduce this feeling and to prepare yourself for the meeting we have put together some do’s and don’ts of how you should go about approaching a subject that most people naturally will find quite awkward.

When asking for a pay rise you need to make sure you are prepared as much as possible before your make your proposal. You need to ensure you have done all you can to increase your chances of the answer you want to hear.


Achievement: Ask after you have achieved something great and it has been recognised by your boss.

Timing: Time your request accordingly, if the company is not financially stable then this would be an indication of wrong timing.

Preparation: Ensure you write notes beforehand, rehearse how you will ask for your rise and list some reasons of why you think you deserve one, remaining positive throughout.

Presentable: Even if your normal dress code for work is casual, enhance the way you present yourself in the meeting, even if its just by wearing a casual dress if you’re always in jeans or as small as wearing some lipstick that you don’t normally wear on a day to day basis, this will only contribute to making you feel more confident and in turn your request will come across positively.


Stress levels: Don’t ask at a high-stressed time – if your boss is showing signs of being overworked this is not the best time to bring up the topic.

Demanding: Do not give an ultimatum that you will leave the company if you do not get a rise, unless you have a backup plan and are willing to lose your job.

Compare: Do not compare yourself with other colleagues, the request should be solely based around your role within the company.

Personal: Do not overload on personal information, you should focus on what you deserve rather than what you need.

Once your meeting is over, no matter how much you want an answer there and then you will need to be patient, other bosses may have to be consulted and a decision will be made.

If your pay rise request is turned down, try not to be disheartened, regardless of how much you feel you deserve one, there may not be money in the budget for pay increases at this time.

Be prepared and stay calm. You got this!



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