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Hashtags – once your phone’s pound sign, made their debut on Twitter but can now be used across most social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

Anyone sharing content on a relevant subject can add the hashtags to their message, essentially making the content of your post accessible to all people with similar interests, even if they’re not your followers.

What can hashtags do for you?

Hashtags can improve your clickthrough rates and enable your posts to reach a wider audience. They make your own content discoverable and allows you to find relevant content from other people and businesses.

Make your hashtags as specific as possible to the content, this will enable you to reach your target audience which generally means better engagement. If you don’t have your own business hashtag, find one or two existing ones that fit the content of your post meaning you are falling into the relevant categories.

Hashtags differ across the various networks, what might be relevant to one may not be relevant to another.

Twitter hashtags are generally more focussed on a topic of conversation or a group of people.

Instagram hashtags are more to do with what the post is promoting and can help you expose your brand to a larger, targeted audience.

Facebook hashtags to be used when promoting a specific event. At most two hashtags will be sufficient but generally to avoid putting hashtags on your regular content.

Your chances of attracting new followers, getting more likes, and increasing engagement are vastly increased by using hashtags so it is worth while taking the time to discover the most popular and most relevant hashtags on a specific subject for each social media network. We would advise spending some time noting down the hashtags with a high following and splitting them into the social media platforms you use, to make your future postings relevant to that specific platform.

Make sure you #hashtag in the right way!

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