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We asked the above facebook group the following questions, the response was great and we would like to thank those who responded, we have put together a list of answers which we have found really useful.

Question: In the day-to-day running of a business, how do you prevent the urgent tasks from taking over the important tasks? And how can you learn to say no? Finding the balance between juggling managing a team and getting the important operational tasks done is a challenge!  Your team may need help with urgent tasks but how do you prevent this from stopping super important tasks (like ordering stock for example) from getting completed?  Tips anyone?


Set yourself goals

Write down the 3 must do things at the end of each day for the next day, try working out how long each task will take and advise to your team that you will be unavailable for the allotted time – make this part of your daily routine. If it’s easier, set times during the day when your team can pop into your office to discuss any outstanding issues or when your team can get your input. Empower them to handle anything that crops up outside of those times using their own initiative.

“The ‘now’ stuff always wins over longer term priorities, it’s just how our brains are wired…if you want to get more of the strategic stuff done you have to be disciplined and set aside time sometimes it is best to complete these tasks in a separate space, offsite is ideal, but at the least turn email/phone notifications off for an hour.” – Clair Fisher

Reset expectations with your team

“Resetting expectations, let your team know what the hard rules or guidelines are when making decisions. Provide positive reinforcement around your team’s ability to be creative and problem solve. I once heard a manager explain, if two of us are needed to do one job- I don’t need you. While it’s tough to hear – it’s the truth and challenges people to stretch their skills and abilities.” – Anna McEachern

Find a system that works for you that creates good boundaries around your time.

Share Responsibility

Share responsibilities with your team and delegate each daily task after you have all decided what tasks need completing. Daily meetings first thing are a great way to decide who’s doing what and make your team aware of what task you need to get on with. This way, you get all your daily tasks completed, by being organised and ensure your team prioritise the workload.

Do the money making jobs first

“Always do the money making jobs first. Plan your day the night before and if easily distracted by “shiny things” don’t look at anything until the money making jobs are done!” – Mandie Holgate

Learning how to say no..

“Ask yourself often “If I agree to do X what am I agreeing to?” – Mandie Holgate

“You don’t add value by being a Jill of all trades and master of none. Prioritise your resources of time and energy so you can make the greatest impact. When possible, refer work to others or ask if the start time or deliverable is flexible. When you are overwhelmed or on a project that doesn’t serve you best – you are honestly not doing anyone any favours” – Anna McEachern

So say no and put in in the hands of the right person to get the job done.

Setting boundaries is so important for yourself and your employees and don’t feel like you have to carry the world on your shoulders you are allowed to share the workload.


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