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Food For Thought


Are you feeling like you need an energy boost?

Did you know that the food you eat could have a huge impact on your brainpower and productivity?

Healthy eating is a key part of your motivation. If you are feeling sluggish and lethargic and looking to boost your work week, why not try changing your eating pattern and adding in some super-foods to give you the kick you need.

The morning must start with breakfast, get your metabolism going to set you up for an even keel for the day ahead. Smaller more frequent meals, even if it’s a few carrots sticks or a banana – keep those glucose levels balanced along with a good intake of water – it is recommended that you have 8 glasses of water per day to keep your body replenished.

Get your brain ticking:

Memory – Berries such as blueberries and blackberries are proven to improve your memory, it’s a great mid-morning snack to see you through until lunch time!

Brain Performance – a handful of nuts is not only a great source of protein but they also get your brain in gear.

Focus – A small piece of Dark Chocolate can go along way, whilst satisfying that sweet tooth the caffeine boost gives you the focus you need!

Productivity – when lunch time comes fresh fish and the likes of sushi are a great option, Omega-3 being great for the mind enabling a productive afternoon.

 Energy – Green Tea can give you that energy boost you need, as well as giving you that daily detox.

If you are looking for that lift, why not try adding some of these foods into your work week and see if your focus and motivation improves.

Happy Eating 🍌🍒🍓🥑🥕

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