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Beat Procrastination in 9 Simple Steps

Feeling uninspired and lacking motivation…onto the 3rd Netflix episode in a row? Follow these simple 9 steps to getting motivated and we’ll soon have you back on track!

  1. Start afresh – telling yourself that you’re starting afresh will give you a new boost of energy, new ideas and improves motivation
  2. Recap your goals and your reasons for wanting to achieve them
  3. Pin up pictures of your ultimate goal somewhere you can see them whilst completing the tasks
  4. Visualise yourself reaching this ultimate goal; how you feel, how your loved ones will feel and what your life will look like.
  5. Make a list of how you feel now and you’ll feel when you’ve completed your ultimate goal.  Look at this list whenever you are lacking in motivation. Smug Notepad 600x600
  6. Work backwards from your ultimate goal with smaller goals.  Break these smaller goals into achievable tasks that you can cross off when you’ve completed them and know that you’re a step closer to reaching your ultimate goal.
  7. Reward yourself frequently, celebrate the little things and enjoy the process!celebrate the positives print 600x600
  8. Put pressure on yourself – make your deadlines public so you are committed to completing the task within a set time frame
  9. Another method of putting pressure on yourself is to collaborate – work with other people and keep them updated on progress.

Next stop, world domination!

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