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The Scientific Low-Down on Moisturisers: 219 Scientifically Tested, 8 Finalists

Skincare routines can be an incredibly confusing and personal ritual. Cosmopolitan might suggest one thing while webMD suggests something similar yet so different. There are a number of factors to consider when mastering your daily routine, including what skin type you have, what products you use, what to use in the morning vs. at night, what order you apply the products, etc. Because it’s so different for each person it can be really confusing knowing where to start. Luckily there are resources to point you in the right direction, like this one on face moisturisers published by

“During the day SPF and protection from pollution should be a priority”

Whether you’re just beginning your skin care journey or have been using the same moisturiser for years and are looking for a change up there are a couple of key factors to consider:

  • Day vs. night: You should be using a different moisturiser for day vs. night. Your skin needs protection from different factors during the day compared to at night. During the day SPF and protection from pollution should be a priority, whereas at night your skin requires a moisturiser more focused on restoration and repairing.
  • Skin type: Every skin type needs moisturising (even those with super oily skin!). Oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin all require different things so it’s important to be aware of exactly what skin type you have. If you don’t believe your skin needs a moisturiser, check out the infographic below:

Why you need moisturiser

“It’s important not to be fooled by great packaging”

I love good packaging just as much as the next person but it’s important to not be fooled by great packaging when looking for an effective product. With such a crowded marketplace, companies often place more of an emphasis on marketing their product than they do in actually creating a quality product.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! You shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect; the perfect moisturiser for you is out there! Additionally, the same moisturiser you’ve always used might not necessarily be the best one for you today due to factors such as environmental changes and changes in your skin’s needs throughout the ageing process.

Moisturiser Selection edited

The team scoured the ingredients lists of 219 facial moisturisers recommended this year by top beauty publications and a range of retailers; consulted with dermatologists, skincare product developers, and cosmetic chemists on what skin truly needs to be moisturised; and guinea pigged the eight finalists themselves to determine the best.  With the eight finalists ranging in price from $15 to $125, you’ll be surprised at the results!

To see the full review and the list of finalists , plus other completely unbiased reviews covering everything from mascara to mortgage brokers, head on over to

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