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Sandra Turner On Re-Discovering Life As A Tropic Skincare Brand Ambassador

“Suzy is passionate in her mission to create beauty products that don’t compromise our health and the environment”

Sandra Turner is a former primary school teacher, turned Tropic Skincare brand ambassador and voluntary gymnastics coach!

After 33 years of teaching, she decided in 2016 to take a break and during this time hosted a Tropic Skincare Pamper Experience which sparked a passion for the range.  We asked her about the environmental and health benefits of using organic skincare products, plus her experience as a Tropic Skincare brand ambassador:

What made you decide to become a Brand Ambassador for Tropic Skincare? I was introduced to Tropic in January 2016 and hosted a Pamper Experience in April. I loved the skincare products and decided to become an Ambassador, mainly to take advantage of the discount available! When I realised I really didn’t want to go back to school, I started to actively promote Tropic to earn myself some money and would like to expand my business to provide me with the income I need.

Why did you choose to work with Tropic Skincare in particular? I love the products and use them myself so can speak from experience at my Pampers. The fact that the products are naturally derived without cruelty to animals and harmful toxic chemicals is important to me; Suzy (Susan Ma, Founder of Tropic Skincare) is passionate in her mission to create beauty products that don’t compromise our health and the environment and I believe that Tropic is a truly ethical company to work for.

Do you have a personal reason for choosing organic products? My sister has always been very sensitive to chemicals in toiletries and cleaning products, and was thrilled to find a range she can use! I was never that bothered, but the more I find out about what’s in things the effect they can have, the more I want to use only natural products on my skin.

Have you ever hosted home parties for other companies? If so, who and how successful were they? I worked for Pampered Chef on and off for several years, but again only as a hobby as I was working as a teacher.

How have you managed to fit work around caring for your children? I have 3 children, 28, 26 and 16.  When my children were young, I had a childminder so I could work during the day. When I did Pampered Chef, my older children looked after my youngest if I worked in the evening.

What are the benefits of utilising home parties as part of your business? I find that Tropic sells itself – once people have tried the products they can feel and smell how good they are and want to use them. Pampers are a great way for people to try Tropic!

How do you advertise the parties? I use Facebook and Instagram, and also send regular emails to past customers to keep them informed about special offers and new products.

“I try to be as prepared as possible and to dress appropriately – I find that feeling good is a great confidence booster!”

How do you overcome fear of speaking to a group of people? Over the years I have come to realise that other people are just as nervous as I am! I try to be as prepared as possible and to dress appropriately – I find that feeling good is a great confidence booster! I worked for many years as a supply teacher, which meant I was often going to a school full of people and children I didn’t know. I used to put on a skirt, jacket and heels, stand up very tall, smile and pretend to be confident! I pretended so much that it became real!

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received? Smile! 😀

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy going out and meeting people, and it really doesn’t feel like work!

Do you have anyone that you are particularly inspired by? I think it has to be Susan Ma – her passion and dedication are truly inspirational!

Are the Tropic products 100% cruelty-free and not tested on animals? Yes – they are certified by The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International and PETA.

What’s your favourite Tropic product? It is very difficult to choose! I love the Travel Essentials Kit, because I like anything cute and small, but for a single product it would have to be the Skin Revive because it is the best moisturiser ever and leaves my skin feeling fabulous!

What are the benefits (both for health and also for the environment) of using organic skincare and makeup as opposed to non-organic products? Tropic products are Naturally derived, but not everything is organic. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, and many of the chemicals contained in skincare are known to be toxic, carcinogenic or hormone disruptors, and while they may be safe in very small quantities, they can build up in our bodies. Everything we use goes down the plughole and eventually ends up in our oceans where it can affect marine life and get into our food chain. Chemical sunscreens have been banned in some countries because they wash off in the sea and are killing the coral reefs. All very worrying so the fewer chemicals the better!

Anyone interested in trying Tropic for themselves, hosting a Pamper Experience or starting their own beauty business by becoming an Ambassador can contact Sandra on:

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