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6 Reasons For Introducing Home Parties To Your Business

So you’ve listed your products on your website, advertised them on social media, paid for Google advertising; but what about organising home parties (also known as ‘pamper parties’ for those in the beauty/health products industry)?  If you haven’t considered running home parties, you may well be missing out on a huge amount of revenue, exposure and fun!

Here’s 6 reasons why you should consider organising home parties for your business:

It puts your product in front of your customers –  Instead of just seeing pictures online, they can feel, smell or/and taste your products, which makes selling the features that much easier for you.

Simple to organise –  Just find a host and they’ll do most of the planning for you! Make sure you look after your host, the most popular method being to give them a percentage of the orders taken on the night to spend on products for themselves.

High attendance rates –  Who doesn’t love a reason to get together with friends, crack open the wine and have a laugh! Throw in shopping and you’ve got a dream recipe that groups of friends/family love and will talk about. You’re likely to book the next party at that party!

It doesn’t feel like work! You get to go out, meet new people and have a blast, whilst making money.

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The guests are attending your party with the intention of buying products from you, they will have already made up their minds that they will purchase something, so all you need to do is show up, show them the options and take the orders!

Flexible hours – you’re in control of the frequency and timing of the parties.  Perfect for those with dependants to work around, or those with another job to work around. Work whenever the hell you want to!

Now get planning, have fun and see the cash roll in!

A special thank you to Sandra Turner, an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare for the amazing pamper party shown in the pictures and for the collaboration with this blog post.

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