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Selling Stuff on eBay? 5 Essential Tips For Boosting Sales

So you’ve started your eBay store, listed some products, sat back and waited…and waited…and waited…nothing, or perhaps a slow trickle of orders?

In December 2016 I started an eBay Store as a side business: MelBels_foreverything, that has grown from just selling a few bits from around the house, to over 175 feedback (100% positive) and rapidly expanding with the addition of market stalls this month! Not one to be selfish, I’m going to let you all in on a few insider tips so you too can boost your eBay sales – I’ve already put in the hours and figured out the secrets so here’s 5 tips that worked for me:

  1. Honesty – Be honest about the condition of the item.  Your feedback rating is absolutely vital for maintaining a high level of sales. Customers are far more likely to purchase from a company with a 100% positive feedback rating.  Be utterly honest to avoid any potential unhappy customers and associated negative feedback.
  2. Fast response time – Customers expect a fast response. Maintain a reputation for exceptional customer service by responding quickly and fully, which includes over weekends and public holidays.  The customer will associate the whole experience with the purchase and are more likely to provide a positive feedback rating.  This also aids repeat business!
  3. High quality photographs – Photographs are crucial. You are allowed up to 12 photographs, use them.  No less than 4. Consider the lighting and background.  If you don’t have access to professional lighting a room with fluorescent tube lighting works well, or try desk lamps in different positions.  Position the product on a plain background (paper works well) – floorboards and carpet are a ‘no-go’ (unless you’re selling floorboards or carpet!).
  4. Free postage – So many online businesses offer free postage.  Charging for postage now puts you at an instant disadvantage so make sure you list the item with free postage.  Be sure to build the postage cost into the cost when working out the listing sale price.
  5. Advertise within listings – Selling similar items? Be sure to mention any other listings that would accompany this product well e.g. a matching bag for a pair of shoes.

Grab your coffee and laptop, go forth and conquer eBay!

– Mel Fielden